1. Comments on the overall project

“For almost all of human existence, as nomadic hunter-gatherers and then as farmers, we understood that we were deeply embedded in and utterly dependent on nature. Having moved to cities, that critical understanding has been subsumed by the need to support the economy. The drive to recognize the rights of nature is absolutely critical if we are to again find a balance with the world that supports us. This film is very important for all of us.” – Dr. David Suzuki, scientist, author and host of CBC-TV's  The Nature of Things, whose Blue Dot Tour used the 10-minute version of GreenRights.


“David Boyd is wonderful and your project sounds absolutely terrific.” – Alanna Mitchell, named “the best environmental journalist in the world”  by The World Conservation Union (IUCN) and the Reuters Foundation.


“I would be happy to be included. I think the project sounds wonderful.” – Dr. John Borrows, author of Canada's Indigenous Constitution, Robina Chair in Law, Public Policy and Society,University of Minnesota Law School


"I love the idea. GreenRights is truly where our collective thinking needs to go"   - Dr. David Montgomery, Professor of Geology, University of Washington, MacArthur Genius Grant recipient and author of Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations 


“In most nations, citizens have a legal right to a healthy environment. In some, the environment itself has legal rights. But not in Canada, not in the United States. This film, created by dedicated, gifted and experienced filmmakers, will be a powerful tool to advance the cause of environmental rights – which in turn will empower individual North Americans to demand clean air, food and water, and a healthy future. I'm delighted to support it!” – Elizabeth May, Leader, Green Party of Canada


“Climate change, tar sands development, bees and pesticides, biodiversity, chemical pollution, hydraulic fracking, nuclear power, water purity – Sierra Club Canada has been active on all these environmental issues, and many more. The legal right to a healthy environment would be a powerful tool that could help us on all these issues. Your film will make a major contribution to public education, which is the first step in embedding that right in Canadian law. You have our full support.” – John Bennett, former Executive Director, Sierra Club Canada

Your documentary sounds absolutely sensational. If there were anything I could do to help, I’d be glad to be a part of it. It’s right on the nose.” -- the late Paul Almond, legendary Canadian filmmaker 


GreenRights is an audacious and exciting project that strikes right to the heart of the environmental crisis, namely our failure to treat the earth and the life that inhabits it with respect, care and reverence. I admire both the team and the concept, and I can't wait to see the film.”  –the late Farley Mowat,  renowned environmental author 


2. Responses to Defenders of the Dawn


"Totally inspiring. You nailed this film. Such great delivery and flow. It's punchy throughout and powerful and makes so many undeniably great points."  -- Dave Gunning, singer/songwriter

"Your film lifted me out of the doldrums and again reminded me of all the remarkable people everywhere who are struggling to provide a real future for coming generations."  – Ruth Gamberg, Dalhousie University

"It will be a powerful tool, like Salmon Wars, to educate and mobilize all peoples whom have so much more in common than not to defend our earth and each other." – Wendy Watson Smith, Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore

"Wow! I am so impressed with Defenders of the Dawn, I want to circulate the link to everyone I know. What a production. It is evidence based and full of documentary and inescapable truth. Congratulations to you and Chris for a fabulous doc.” – Kevin Moynihan, documentary filmmaker

"Ok - I just watched this documentary and without a doubt it is one of the best and most important I've ever seen. Please watch. Please pass it on - re-post it; email the link; do all you can to get people to see this. It is about all of us. It is about hope. It is about possibility - what we, together, can make happen to make things better. Please. Watch and share."  – Sandy Shreve, poet and author

"Really riveting in depth report by Silver Donald Cameron – telling truth and background -- some really positive Maritime outcomes by persistence of citizens -- but SO so so much fragile, still hangs in balance and needs attention. Every Pictou County resident needs to see this documentary- well, actually anyone who cares about clean air and water and land.  " – Sheree Fitch, poet and author

"I loved your film on CBC Saturday evening. Great stuff. I hope it reaches ever more audiences." – Claire Mowat, author

"Superb in all respects. Timely , compelling , ties together so many perspectives from so many points of view. All coming to the same conclusion that what we lack in Canada is truly hurting us --   perhaps killing us."  – Stewart Lamont, Nova Scotia businessman 

"Thank you for Defenders of the Dawn! It's a great contribution to the environmental dialogue in Nova Scotia!"  – Dr. Susanna Fuller,  Ecology Action Centre

"Just watched Defenders of the Dawn, and it is so, so good. I hope it gets millions of views and has a big impact on our collective thinking." – Chris Benjamin, noted environmental journalist

"The film had a wonderful flow in its presentation of the issues. I look forward to what you will discover and uncover in the new countries you will visit." – Johanna Padelt, community activist

"Thanks so much for a very powerful, well edited (and great music!), contribution toward seeing Public Trust Doctrine rights enshrined in constitutional law worldwide." – Ian Sherman, sculptor and activist