The Team

The producers of The Green Interview have already released one full-length documentary for free distribution: Salmon Wars, financed entirely by citizen fund-raising, which supported the producers during the making of the film but relieved them of the need to recoup an investment later. As a result, the film could be (and is) available for free streaming or download by anyone, anywhere in the world. The GreenRights documentary will be released the same way.

Beckett with camera, Cameron with book

GreenRights will be written and narrated by Silver Donald Cameron, CM, ONS, PhD, DCL, DLitt, (, Host and Executive Producer of The Green Interview. One of Canada's most prominent writers, broadcasters and commentators, Dr. Cameron has taught at four universities, written columns for the Globe and Mail and the Halifax Sunday Herald, and published 17 books.

The Producer and Director of both The Green Interview and GreenRights is Chris Beckett, whose distinguished career has included many years of news, current affairs and arts production for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Mr Beckett went on to train aboriginal broadcasters for the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, and to operate the instructional television program at Mount St Vincent University, where he also lectured in public relations. 


For this project, Dr. Cameron and Mr. Beckett are joined by Dr. David R. Boyd, one of the world’s leading experts on human rights and the environment, and the author of The Environmental Rights Revolution: A Global Study of Constitutions, Human Rights, and the Environment (2012, UBC Press). Dr. Boyd, who will serve as special consultant to the project, says “I am honoured to be part of this effort, which should result in an urgently needed injection of hope and inspiration into the environmental movement.” 


The Co-Producer of GreenRights is Erika Beatty, whose distinguished career in arts management has included senior positions with Symphony New Brunswick, the Niagara Symphony and the Winnipeg Symphony. She recently served for six years as CEO of Symphony Nova Scotia. Her experience with concert film-making nudged her in the general direction of film, which she sees as playing a crucial role in her quest to find ways “to engage new, young and remote audiences in this globally-connected world with internationally shared threats and opportunities.”