The right to breathe. The right to clean water. The right to wholesome food.

Air, water, food – these are the sources of life. Without them, we die. And in most nations – more than 180 nations, in fact – citizens are legally entitled to these essential elements of life.

But not in Canada or the United States. And that's what the GreenRights multi-media project is all about: extending our understanding of environmental rights – green rights – and also showing the dramatic impact of those rights in other countries. Because green rights are among our most powerful tools for protecting and repairing the natural world. And we should have those rights in North America, as most people in the world already do.

Exercising those rights, dedicated citizens and brilliant lawyers are cleaning the beaches of Manila Bay and the air of Amsterdam. They're restoring the Riachuelo River in Buenos Aires, and holding oil companies to account in Ecuador. They're ending logging in old-growth forests in the Philippines. They're suing their own governments for failing to take decisive action on climate change.  And in the US and Canada, they're fighting to secure these rights for all of us.

These are great human stories – stories of passion and courage and love, David and Goliath stories, stories of parents and grandparents battling on behalf of generations not yet born. 

See the film. Read the book. And be inspired.