How Can You Help?

You can contribute by subscribing to The Green Interview, which means you'll provide us with an automatic $10 monthly subscription payment, and you'll get to see the full-length interviews as we record them. You'll also get our blog posts and updates, and you'll have immediate access to more than 50 existing full-length interviews with environmental leaders from all over the world. Go to and have a look. 

You can also contribute in many non-financial ways.

For example, you can spread the link to this site and  the link to the trailer by email, Facebook and Twitter. You can pass the message around on other social media. You can talk the project up on listservs and in chat rooms.

You can arrange screenings of Salmon Wars, at which we introduce audiences to GreenRights. You can suggest that your school or organization invite Silver Donald Cameron to speak, which gives him the opportunity to introduce GreenRights.

We'll be grateful for whatever help you can provide, in any form.